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По умолчанию just suggestion for forum

dear friends ,
just loud thinking for idea in my thought now .
this is wonderful forum i ever seen about chess . their is a lot of very useful materials for free and a lot of cooperators members and doing hard work and who is buying paid DVD courses and share it for us .
really thanks for them
i found cloud storage site for upload and share files which give members money for uploading and share files . e.g $7 or $8 for 1000 downloads from it .
this is site link

may be moderators and most active members sing up and make account for forum and we can use money to purchase a new DVD courses or even help members who always this courses and share for us .
i it is like worthless or slowly operation but i see good numbers in members and materials we have .
really i do not know, if it is good idea or even fancy .
just like i said before it is loud thinking and i liked to share .
king in chess is good enough .. at least he came to battle with forces equal to his enemy !!
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