Просмотр полной версии : World Chess News TV

Thomas Freeman
27.11.2010, 21:00
The following video from the World Chess News team is an excellent source of news on chess. Coverage of news from all over the world. You will find that the WCN team does an excellent job presenting you with the best in news coverage. New videos are posted once a week, usually on Mondays. Come to Chess Sets and More to view this coverage week after week.

The WCN team consists of five siblings from Stockholm, Sweden, currently in the ages between 21 and 14.
Adriana, Antonia and Amelia Krzymowska (21-17) and Alfred and Albert Krzymowski (16 and 14) created the idea and concept of the show.

Seizing the opportunities of their generation; with advanced computers, the Internet and digital cameras, they learned all of the technical and editorial aspects of producing a news show, and have done that ever since (They write the scripts, set the lights, adjust the sound, record the shows, edit the material, air and market WCN).

But WCN is in a constant process of evolution, and the team has since the start perfected a lot of details, making the show better and better for every episode. Not even now, with more than 200 produced episodes, the team considers the show “done”.

The siblings produce and market the show on their spare time, while managing their academic carriers and competitive chess. Adriana studies law at Stockholm’s University, hoping to achieve the Swedish Master of Laws Degree by the end of 2010. Antonia and Amelia are both in upper secondary school, attending Östra Reals Gymnasium with a law-alignment, and the brothers are in compulsory school.

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